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About Me

I grew up in a small village in Portugal called Carvalhelhos. After the primary school I moved to a closer town called Chaves in order to continue my studies. After high school I joined  Minho University in Braga where I studied Mathematics and Computing Science.

During my studies I am happy to say that I joined the Mathematics and Computing Science’s students association where I contributed during some years. I had the pleasure of helping organising and participating in a few events such as ETAPS’07, YAPC::EU::2005, Hands-on Science 2006, among other events. Furthermore, I met Adriana during my studies. She was also a student in the same program.

After my BSc in Mathematics and Computing Science, I started my MSc in Computer Science in Minho University. After my first year of MSc, I was very fortune to be able to write my thesis in the Engineering College of Aarhus, in Denmark, under supervision of Professor Peter Gorm Larsen. I have no doubt that the year I spent writing my thesis with him was the most productive year of my academic life, leading me to a very different world than the one I was used to.

The subject of my thesis was within the scope of the Overture project, which is a community-based project to develop next generation of tools supporting formal modelling and analysis in the design of computer-based systems. Since the end of my thesis, I am still a contributor to the Overture poject.

Besides my thesis, I also worked in part-time in Callis ApS as a software developer, during 6 months.

When I was finishing my MSc, I was hired by Danske Bank, as an IT Developer. I have worked there for more than two years.

In the second half of 2010 I decided to embrace a new experience, by seeking a more challenging professional career, so together with my wife, we decided to move to London in order to find better career opportunities and continue to grow as professionals in software development. Fortunately, Mobile Interactive Group, where I am working as a software developer since January 2011, gave me that opportunity.

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